This site is dedicated to the U.S. Visa process from the Philippines.


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Fiancee Visa and Immigrant Visa

We strive to provide assistance through all phases of the visa process and related requirements. Many can complete this process with just a mimimal of guidance, others may feel the need more indepth assistance.

There are five basic steps, some requirements vary with the type of visa.



Effective 23 December, 2016


Petition: USCIS

This is where you start by petitioning for APPROVAL to apply for the actual visa.


Assignment: NVC

This is where the MNL # (case file) is assigned for the K-1, and for the immigrant visa. Plus for the immigrant visa the Affidavit of Support process. Then NVC forwards the case file to USEM.


Visa Application: USEM

Once the petition has been approved and NVC has forwarded your case file to USEM this is when you actually apply for the visa.


Medical Examination: SLEC


K-1 and Immigrant visa applicants are required to complete a medical at St. Luke's


Exit Requirements: CFO

All exiting emigrates are required to attend a CFO seminar, receive a certificate and have an “exit sticker” affixed in your passport. Can't leave without it.


Flying Time: PREP


A few suggestions if your fiancee is flying to the USA without you.  Make sure to have extra Pesos, just in case of extra fees or delays at NAIA.  Make sure to have U.S. $$$ - never know if a delay will happen.  Make sure she has a U.S. SIM card for her phone, I suggest Cricket or one like that as it doesn't have a contract and doesn't have to be paid every month, pay for a month when you need it.





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